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How to find Gyroids and what to do with Gyroid pieces in New Horizons • Eurogamer.nl

How do you get these underground music artists.

Animal Crossings Gyroids are half furniture, half living beings that you in New Horizons finds.

These well-known creatures make their debut in the 2.0 update. Each kind of Gyroid makes a unique sound and when you put them together, you arrange unique pieces of music.

There are tons of Gyroids to find and display, something Animal Crossing fans have loved doing for years.

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What are Gyroids in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Gyroids are cactus-like creatures that you collect in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. They each create a specific sound effect depending on which Gyroid family they belong to. By placing different Gyroids together, you can create unique music with clicking, humming or buzzing sounds that play in the background.

Different Gyroids not only make music with each other, but they also sync with other music sources. For example the KK Slider music playing nearby.


If you’ve been playing New Horizons for a while, you’ll recognize them as the friendly creatures that help you with the projects on your island. However, these Gyroids are furniture that you collect and place indoors or outdoors, each with their own unique characteristics.

How to get Gyroids and what to do with Gyroid fragments in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Gyroids can be found on islands that you reach with a Kapp’n boat trip. If you are new to the game, please note that you must first have a 3 star island rating and that KK Slider must have visited your island.


Just like with fossils, you find cracks in the ground. Use your shovel to dig up a piece of Gyroid.


These fragments are not yet Gyroids, that requires some preparation. When you get back to your island, dig a hole and bury the piece of Gyroid via the menu option in your inventory. Now use the watering can to water the spot. When steam comes out of the ground, you’re done.


The next day you dig the hole again. The stuje Gyroid is now an adult Gyroid, of which there are a lot of variations.


If you want to expand your Gyroid collection, repeat that job. Go on a Kapp’n boat trip once a day, collect a piece and plant it on your island so it will grow the next day.

Note that you need to learn about Gyroids before unlocking Brewster, who is looking for some Gyroids before you can ask him to start his cafe. He even gives you a piece of Gyroid!


How to Customize a Gyroid in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Customizing Gyroids works just like any other item. Make sure you have some customization packs in your inventory and then find a workbench. Then select ‘change something’ and then choose the Gyroid in your inventory.


You then have a range of colors to choose from.


Maybe you can make something that fits your home, or even your entire island! After all, you can place them anywhere in New Horizons!

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