How to find out that our cat is aging

The cat as well as the cane it has a much shorter life than that of man. Consequently, it will tend to age earlier than when we begin to age. In fact, at the age of 6, it should no longer be considered a young cat. On average, cats live between 15 and 20 years. But it is important to say that in recent years the life of our little domestic cats has lengthened a lot. This is thanks to the new vaccinations, the better quality of the food and thanks also to the advice of our vets.

Let’s see together below how to find out that our cat is aging.

White hair and difficulty in moving

The first sign is the appearance of some white hair on the muzzle, on the legs and on the back. Hair will begin to appear spreading throughout the body, but there fur it will never go totally white.

Another sign is fatigue in movement. The cat that is no longer so young appears more lazy and tends to sleep a lot more, losing the desire to play as it did as a puppy.

Teeth and joint pains

The more the cat grows, the weaker its teeth become. In severe cases they can also fall causing serious problems in chewing.

Furthermore, teeth with a lot of tartar can cause pain when ingesting food, causing them not to always finish the meal. A lot of untreated tartar can also lead to the appearance of stomatitis and gingivitis.

Let’s not forget that many cats in old age suffer from joint pain especially in the hips and hind legs.

This leads them to have problems with posture and movement.

Consequently, it may happen that we find their needs not inside, but right next to the litter box. This is because muscle and joint pains prevent him from climbing over the litter box itself.

It is very likely that the aging cat will lose the habit of climbing on sofas, beds, chairs and tables, as it used to do.

Another very important sign is that as the cat gets older, it inevitably tends to gain weight. It is therefore advisable to always check your diet and prevent it from getting worse.

It is important to recognize all the signs to understand how to discover that our cat is aging.

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