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How to Hide Google Contacts You Don’t Use

Millions of people daily use Android phones connected to their Google accounts, which makes Google Contacts one of the important services in their phones.

Where you can store all your contacts and keep them within your Google account to be able to access them through any device that uses your Google account or transfer them to a new phone when you purchase it.

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But you may find yourself having a lot of contacts that you don’t currently use.

These contacts cause congestion in your phone and contacts registry, so you can hide them and clean your contacts history.

There are plenty of reasons why you might keep contacts even when you don’t need them, so here’s how to hide these contacts without deleting them.

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Hide unused google contacts

This method relies on a feature provided by Google within the contact history, which is the lists of unused contacts.

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Through this service, you can put contacts that you do not use in one of these lists that do not appear to you directly in the Contacts application.

But the contact remains registered in your phone without you seeing it, and if you search for it or receive a call from it, it appears with the name you registered.

You can access and view these contacts via the Google Contacts History website, where the site shows you all the lists.

So head over to the Google Contacts website, and choose the contact you want to hide.

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Then click the three dots next to it until a list of options appears for you to edit.

And choose from this list to hide the contact, and you can later go to the list of other contacts and make sure they are there.

You can hide more than one contact at once by selecting these contacts by clicking on the contact’s photo and then choosing to hide contacts.

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And if you want to keep a copy of these contacts before deleting them, you can download a copy of them and keep it on your computer.

By selecting all the contacts you want to download, and then choosing to export to the computer.

You can export contacts in more than one format, but the best format is CSV, which you can easily transfer to any other device.

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