How to know if someone has added you on WhatsApp?

SPECIAL. – WhatsApp is an indispensable tool for everyone today, an application that keeps many tricks around it.

How to know if a person has added you as a contact?

There is a little trick to knowing it and the best of all is that you do not need external applications like other elaborate steps.

To find out if a person has you on their agenda, you will have to use the “new diffusion” tool and follow the following steps:

  • Once inside the “new diffusion” option, select your contacts that you think do not have you registered
  • Send a message in the new list
  • After a few minutes, select the “information” option, where you can see the numbers of the contacts who sent the message.
  • If a person has not saved your cell phone, only the message will appear in sent
  • The app itself, before selecting the contacts, tells you that only the contacts that have you registered will be able to receive your broadcast messages, so you will know just as easily if one of your contacts is considering you to save your number.



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