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How to play the real Wordle and avoid dangerous clones – FayerWayer

This week we witnessed a strange and curious viral phenomenon that we had not seen for years. Out of nowhere a video game named Wordle became immensely popular in the world.

The issue became a trending topic, everyone seemed to want to join the trend and it was just a matter of a few hours before clones and malicious copies of this game began to appear on mobile platforms.

Many of us learned about this issue due to the case of Zachary Shakked, a video game developer who created an apocryphal copy of this title for iOS and integrated a collection system to try to generate more money using an idea that was not his.

Which is the real Wordle?

This prompted the App Store administrators to jump into action immediately to generate a massive blocking and removal strategy against all apps that cloned Wordle’s original idea.

Unfortunately, the efforts of the people at Apple and Google have not been enough. Since at the time of writing this note, the clones of the game continue to be stacked on both Android and iOS.

What has led more than one to ask the obligatory question: what is the original Wordle and why is it so difficult to find it?

The answer is very simple: Wordle is not a game that you can play from an app that you download. That’s right, Josh Wardle, the creator of this game decided that he wanted to make it completely free and for web browsers.

So the only way to play the real Wordle is to follow these steps:

  • Open a web browser, whatever. Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc
  • Enter the site https://www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/
  • Wait for it to load, read the instructions and that’s it.
  • Enjoy your game of Wordle with the original game. End.

Wardle’s decision not to follow the trend and this already ingrained custom of all mobile games being released as native apps led to this mess.

But in reality, enjoying a game of Wordle without risking downloading a dangerous app is much easier than anyone would have imagined.


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