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How to prevent problems with the automatic transmission and how to detect diseases first

The general advice for automatic transmission is to be careful when choosing whether to use a new car or a used car. A lot of problems can be avoided by choosing this quality slot machines, for example, a DSG gearbox is not totally ideal for city traffic, where it is often “bouncing” in columns, on the contrary, CVT is not very suitable for highways. For used cars should be a matter of course test drive long enough.


If you already have a car with automatic shift, it is generally not a bad idea to turn off the radio from time to time and listen to the sounds that come to your ears while driving. In the city, feel free to open the window and get acquainted with the development – some noise tends to bounce off the walls of houses or barriers back to the car. Any knock, grin and other noises they are, of course, undesirable. It is such a quick diagnosis that you can do it yourself.

Are they classified correctly?

Also focus on sorting as follows. At a fixed speed, the transmission should shift to a higher speed on diesel engines about 1,800 rpm. Gasoline engines have higher gears when moving and running even more than two thousandbut compound should not be abnormal, on the contrary, it must match how intensely you give the right pedal to accelerate.

Minor inaccuracies when shifting automatic transmissions to a certain extent normal, especially for older cabinets. Changes will never be completely smooth unless it is a CVT. However, if the twitching is more intense, it comes irregularly or only on certain gears, it’s not good. Similarly, the transmission should not slip while driving. This happens, for example, difficult in a higher gear, which already means putting too much of some of the components. If you hear a moving injury, again this is abnormal and will require a visit from a specialist.

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Don’t wait for it to get worse

It is important not to adapt to the symptoms of the damage, because this will only deepen the problem, possibly expand it, so that the repair will immediately become quite expensive. Therefore, as soon as you find a deviation from the standard state, do not expect any of the lights “lit”but solve it as soon as possible. Sometimes it’s not easy to recognize a bad automatic transmission, so for a newly purchased use, have the cabinet checked by a workshop for sure.

Identification of automatic transmission problems according to the expert

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