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How to sign a PDF document from your cell phone without having to print it

As a result of the pandemic, it became more common for people to be asked sign PDF documentsOr JPG, sent by email. Most usually print each file to place their signature with a pen. Then they scan it and finally send it by email. But it exists a simpler method, where you only need to have a smartphone or tablet and an Internet connection.

Currently, although many still do not know it, there are several free applications that allow users of devices with Android or iOS scan, to complete Y sign documents.

Next, cinco apps that help stamp your own signature on PDF documents. Most are free, but for those that are not, they offer a free trial for a few days.

Most usually print the document, sign it with a pen, and then scan it. But the process can be easier. Photo: Archive

1. DocuSign

This app is the free software most popular worldwide for the use of electronic signatures and for the management of digital transactions on Android and iOS.

More of 50 million users They use it for its versatility, since it allows you to send signed documents via email, Google Drive or Dropbox, among other platforms.

Furthermore, it is compatible with the most common programs, such as Word y Excel, and with the most used formats when sharing documents and images: PDF and JPG.

The best thing about this app is that there is no monthly limit of documents to sign.

2. Adobe Fill & Sign

It is another free mobile application compatible with Android and iOS for sign documents with no monthly limit.

This intuitive tool allows you to create a signature by scribbling on the screen with the finger, which will become the default rubric for documents to be opened in the app.

Regarding supported files, the application can open those in format PDF, Photographs or take pictures with the camera, as if they were scanned.

Once the document is signed, it can be shared via email or saved in the “cloud”.

These apps help solve personal and work arrangements through a simple process.  Photo: Archive.

These apps help solve personal and work arrangements through a simple process. Photo: Archive.

3. SignNow

Unlike other apps, this tool allows you to upload an image or Word document to convert it to PDF format. But the free version is limited to the month regarding the number of documents to sign.

The file can be taken from the mail or from storage services in the “cloud”, or through a photograph. Once opened, it is possible to enter text, date and sign scribbling on the mobile screen itself, whether it is Android or iOS.

Furthermore, this app supports that several people can sign the same document. It even gives the possibility of track. According to the creators, the firms have encryption of bank quality.

Without a doubt, it is an option to consider if you do not have to sign many documents at the end of the month.

4. HelloSign

Its intuitive use and allows you to add signatures quickly, as well as sending the documents themselves to be signed, both by email and by storage services in the “cloud”.

This app has a particular feature: its own extension for the browser, which allows you to have the digital signature from the Gmail account.

In this case, to use the application you have to pay and it is available only for iOS. However, the service may be tested for free.

5. SignEasy

This application for Android and iOS is also paid, but they allow use it free for 14 days. You have multiple options, such as self-signing, signing in person or remotely, and encryption with SSL technology.

Its versatility is not only due to the fact that it supports PDF, JPG, PNG documents and in Word and Excel formats. It also allows add an image as a signature and send the files through email or platforms in the “cloud”.

At the end of the trial period, to continue using the tool, you can pay a monthly subscription u opt for a package with a limited number of documents to sign.

Most of these apps are free.  Those that are not allow a free test.  Photo: Archive.

Most of these apps are free. Those that are not allow a free test. Photo: Archive.

Step by step, how to create a digital signature?

In general lines the process to create a digital signature is similar in most applications:

1. First you have to descargar the application on the iPhone or Android device. Once installed, you will need to be given some permissions for it to work properly.

2. Enter the app and touch the icon shaped like pen or pencil, depending on the case.

3. The option “create signatureUsing your finger or a special stylus compatible with the device, a signature must be made on the screen.

4. Once this is done, it will be necessary save that digital signature. In this way it will be available to be easily included in different documents.

5. Open a PDF file, which can be in an email, Google Drive, or other locations, and hit the pen or pencil icon.

6. The signature will be integrated into the document, and the initialed file may immediately be Sent.

7. To do this, you will have to press the icon to share and then choose WhatsApp, Gmail or another platform that you want.



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