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How to use Houseparty from the Google Chrome browser




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It is the caramelite of video call applications today. For its characteristics, Houseparty It has begun to conquer a large audience, especially in Spain, where it has become the most downloaded digital service in recent weeks. Confinement to curb the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus has led many users to try their luck with this tool for mobile phones, which, however, can be used from web browsers.

In other words, it can be used directly from a laptop. But for this there is a trick. Or rather, a way to do it. It is through a extension specific to Google’s Chrome browser. An extension developed by the company itself, which offers the same guarantees as the application for mobile devices.

This extension allows you to use the service and, among other things, see if any of your contacts are connected in order to start a video conference. Although this version is more limited than the original “app”. It works for all intents and purposes as a “mirror” as WhatsApp Web. One of the peculiarities is that it allows multitasking. That is, being doing other things on the internet at the same time that you talk to your friends.

Developed by Life on Air in 2016, Houseparty has become, together with Zoom, the most successful video call application of the moment, winning the battle even to the almighty WhatsApp. March 18-24 accumulated more than 390,000 downloads in Spain only on Google Play.


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