How will Square Enix divide the Final Fantasy VII Remake?

When it comes to video games, it’s hard to find one that has had a greater impact than Final Fantasy VII. Squaresoft’s iconic 1997 RPG introduced the Final fantasy games for an entire generation of players, was the first in the series to be available in Europe and widely available in the United States, and has sold over 12 million units since its release. To say that it was a cultural phenomenon is as terrible as the euphemism of the year. FF7 it is simply one of the most iconic games ever made, as evidenced by the fact that its protagonist Cloud Strife is today recognizable as Lara Croft or Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Obviously, Square Enix is ​​well aware of this fact. After years of fan begging, the Japanese game developer is finally releasing the first part of the somewhat embarrassing name Final Fantasy VII Remake April 10. The decision to split the game into multiple versions is something the company has talked about for a long time … but at the same time it was also decided. We know it FF7 Remake it is coming in some parts, but it has no official information on what those parts will entail, or even how many there will be. Apparently, not even Square Enix knows for sure.

Which makes it a mature topic for discussion! Be advised that there are important SPOILER below for a 20 year old game.

Let’s start with what we know or can reasonably assume about the first part. The first game in the Final Fantasy VII Remake will only cover the initial section of the storyline set in Midgar. This was confirmed by producer Yoshinori Kitase at E3 last year, where he claimed that the dystopian metropolis “is truly the most iconic place in Final Fantasy VIIThe world. “This will allow Square Enix to greatly expand the environment, add new missions and storylines and all the other things that an angry fan could hope for.

The choice to set the first part exclusively in Midgar seems to have been made at the beginning. The real question is: where do we go from there?

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The original FF7 it consisted of three discs. Disc One ends with the death of Aerith (or Aeris, as it was known in the American version) at the hands of Sephiroth (er … Jenova in the form of Sephiroth?). That moment is one of the most iconic of Final fantasy story, and the game takes a decisive pin after it. It is an obvious place for the end of one of the remake games.

If Square Enix decides to stay with that end point, the second game of Final Fantasy VII Remake it would be a world adventure that sees our group of heroes chasing Sephiroth and trying to prevent him from obtaining the Black Matter, an object he eventually uses to summon a meteor that slowly descends to the planet in the back of the story.

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If things go this way, the second part could be a really addicting game, with a The Empire strikes againpunch style of an ending. The only drawback may be the huge amount of positions Square Enix should incorporate into the game, as there are several that the player encounters between the time he leaves Midgar and when Sephiroth kills Aerith. If the developer manages to make it happen, however, there is no doubt that it would be epic.

He would also open the doors to the third episode to cover the fallout from that fateful encounter until the end of the game. The second disc of the original game brings Cloud and company on a path towards a crater to the north, which leads to the summoning of the aforementioned meteor. This triggers all sorts of crazy events, including awakening a handful of gigantic creatures called Weapons that roam the planet, acting as both important elements of the story for the game’s biggest and badest optional bosses.

This section also sees the part that crosses the world a bit, which includes a short return to Midgar. So if the games split like this, the third installment could incorporate all the elements the previous two had established, making it quite climatic.

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The last disc of the original game contains practically only the final dungeon: the heroes return to the northern crater for the final clash with Sephiroth. While Square Enix could certainly expand that place to make it huge and fantastic, it’s obvious that they probably won’t want to release an entire game. as soon as for an underground. Incorporating it in the previous version would make sense both logistically and in terms of the arcs of history. The third part could start with the heroes going to the crater and being defeated, and ending with their triumphant return to face the best villain in Final fantasy history.

So this is my prediction. Three parts, although four also seem like a definite possibility considering the vastness of Midgar’s reimagination.

What is your opinion? Three parts? Four? Seven? Let’s speculate in the comments!

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