Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

HTC U Ultra and U11 again sharply lowered in price

Now, the current HTC actions appear with all regularity, again there are at MediaMarkt the price hammer with two top smartphones. Two flagship smartphones from last year will be offered at an absolute top price. Including the HTC U Ultra, which was presented at the beginning of last year, has now received Android 8 and for only 222 euros to have is. A strong deal for the Android smartphone with Snapdragon 821.

In today’s price hammer the HTC U11 is again represented, the actual flagship of the past year, apart from the U11 +. With the U11, the manufacturer from Taiwan offers a very attractive Android smartphone with a strong camera, the MediaMarkt for only 399 euros sold.

MediaMarkt is around 40 euros below the current street price, the U Ultra is at least 30 euros. Both devices come free from shipping costs to your home. Again, the action could be limited, possibly until 9 o’clock tomorrow, Friday.

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