Huawei, at the heart of the new world order


Which head of state has not yet given his opinion on the company Huawei? "Let's remember Huawei, which has not just been put aside. There have been abrupt attempts to deprive it of the world market (…) It is for some of the first technological war of the digital age that is coming, "said Vladimir Putin on June 7 in Saint-Laurent. Petersburg, regretting that the supplier and second largest smartphone seller in the world, is blacklisted in a growing number of companies and countries on the initiative of the United States.

On the same day, Vladimir Putin condemned Washington's "unbridled economic egoism". Admittedly, the remarks, made at a plenary session of the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, are not neutral. Chinese President Xi Jinping was on an official trip to St. Petersburg. After a visit to the Hermitage, the two heads of state traveled to one of the ancient Leningrad canals. For its part, MTS, the largest operator in Russia, has just committed to use the Chinese equipment manufacturer to build its core network. This agreement, which will allow a deployment of 5G in Russia from 2020 "will contribute to the development of economic ties between Russia and China," said the president and CEO of MTS, Alexei Kornya.

Malaysia for, New Zealand against

Since Donald Trump's most insistent warnings – the latter going as far as May to include Huawei in the list of companies dangerous to the health of countries – an increasing number of countries is forced to take a stand. For example, New Zealand, Japan and Australia have explicitly stated that they would not use the Chinese equipment supplier. Faithful ally of the United States – he is a member of the Five Eyes alliance -, Canada is waiting for its decision, as is Brazil, while Malaysia has said it is ready to work with the equipment supplier in Shenzhen. M1, one of the main operators in Singapore, will continue to order in Huawei, as will Cairo, which will rely on a 5G network to broadcast the African Cup of Nations from June 21st. "Egypt wants to cooperate with Huawei in the field of artificial intelligence, technology transfer and 5G," said Egypt's Minister of Telecommunications, Amr Talaat in April.

In this game of Global Risk, Europe does not speak with one voice. While KPN, one of the main operators in the Netherlands has already said that it will not work with the Chinese equipment manufacturer, Germany and Belgium have explained that they have nothing against Huawei. Italy should join the opposition camp, but France, whose decision should be based on a decree, remains hesitant. Never "Europe what phone number? ", The quip attributed to Henri Kissinger, has been so topical. "We are a grain of sesame in the commercial battle between the United States and China," says Huawei's creator Ren Zhengfei, who on May 24th, drove the nail in the face of Bloomberg: "Like missionaries in the past, we try to bring culture and communications services to the densest forests. We have served humanity with religious devotion. How can we be considered dangerous? It's a good idea to think that, until now, no one has been able to prove any spying act signed by the brand which, for one of its last campuses, appealed to Japanese architect Takashi Okamoto -United.

Facebook enters the dance

Will Huawei come alive from this balkanization of networking equipment? On June 8, Facebook explained that it would submit to the US injunction, being no longer accessible on the terminals that will be sold by Huawei from mid-August. If the United States and China can not agree, these terminals will also lack Gmail, YouTube or Google Maps, which also condemns Google. While the 182,000-employee equipment maker has not abandoned its ambition of robbing Samsung of its position as the world's leading smartphone seller, Huawei's sales could already see a drop of 15 million units. next year, according to Suva. Admittedly, this is anecdotal against the 206 million smartphones sold last year. But operators are worried about the eighteen-month delay in linking up with the company that filed the most patents in the world last year, according to a recent study. the GSMA, the association of 800 mobile operators and manufacturers worldwide, also pointing to a loss of productivity for Europe, some 45 billion euros by 2034.

Mists of chaos

However, the equipment manufacturer, created in 1987, did not say its last word. He is currently redoubling his efforts to develop his own operating system, which he has been working on since … 2012. A time, internally christened "Hong Meng", in reference to a hero from the "dream of papillon ", a Taoist text attributed to the Chinese philosopher Chuang Tzu (4th century BC) and which can be translated as" the mists of chaos ", Huawei's number one, Richard Yu, explained to Die Welt that this launch could take place before the end of the year on smartphone, tablet, but also automotive dashboard. This name will not be final. Huawei has just filed the trademark Ark OS with the Office of the European Union for a system that should allow it to distribute applications worldwide in September with the launch of Mate 30. This is not empty . Several Chinese apps, like the fast-moving Tiktok mobile video sharing app, have recently shown that they could be of interest to the world.

On the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States drawn in 1782, and repeated on the dollar bills, appears a writing of Virgil where one can read, among others: "Novus ordus seclorum", this one has often been translated hastily as a "new world order". It is actually announcing a new era in the era of US independence. In the original poem, one can find this formula: "Magnus ab integro saeclorum nascitur ordo", that Valery had translated "a whole new age, a great age will be born". In the world that is coming, the control of an operating system has become a stake of massive sovereignty. Europe has not realized it yet. The Old Continent owes its developers some brilliant initiatives, such as French operating systems Clip OS or / e / foundation. MBut they are still too shy.


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