Huawei Band 4 Pro, on sale on Black Friday 2020: 20% discount on this activity bracelet

As you probably already know, next Friday, November 27, the ‘Black Friday 2020’, one of the most outstanding world trading days, but for a few weeks now many online stores have taken the opportunity to make significant discounts on different products. Amazon is, without a doubt, the most important e-commerce platform and at Showroom we have set our sights on some of those items already discounted so you don’t miss out.

The range of discounts is very wide and it is easy to get lost in the bargain. Luckily, we have not been overlooked that one of the star devices and favorite of many users has lowered its price. We talk about the Huawei Band 4 Pro, a smart bracelet with countless functions and meters. On Amazon you have a average score of 4.4 out of five, sum over 10,000 reviews… And it is on sale in its black model: 20% discount, save 10 euros.


The Huawei Band 4 Pro is a multifunction activity bracelet with Bluetooth 4.2 and one of the most successful and popular devices of the brand. East gadget incorporates, among other features, a 0.95 inch AMOLED touch screen, in full color, with a resolution of 240 x 120 pixels for a definitive visual experience and a more comfortable navigation. Further, the background is customizable with the aim of giving a more distinctive touch to a bracelet that can be purchased up to three colors different – black, red and amber. “The screen is superior to others that I have seen and allows the reading of information on the go”, says Rafa C., Amazon user. “The screen looks great, even in bright sunlight, and it seems resistant ”, Taso, a customer of this store, agrees online.

Among the possibilities offered by the Band 4 Pro to the user, one of the most outstanding functions is the heart rate monitoring thanks to technology ‘TruSeen 3.5’. It is intelligent tracking provided by the device thanks to its professional optical sensors, processing chips and its artificial intelligence algorithm. And not just during the day. Because the bracelet also guarantees a better rest with the system TruSleep 2.0, able to track heart rate while user sleeps. The purpose is to recognize the four phases of sleep and analyze its quality and then provide suggestions to help you enjoy a better rest. The bracelet too measures oxygen saturation in the blood. “The heart rate detects it very well, I have checked it with pulse oximeters that I have. Everything about capturing data, like detecting sleep quality, is great”, explains CFQ, buyer on the same virtual platform.


The Band 4 Pro adds a Integrated GPS with fast and accurate positioning services, an alternative to the smartphone that any user can leave at home if they wish, especially if they are doing sports. After completing outdoor exercises – running, walking, biking, or swimming in open water – anyone can check your GPS data on the map. “For me it is the best activity bracelet both for its price and for the GPS, which is only carried by those with a much higher price range, and allows you a lot of freedom by not having to carry your mobile with you”, details Marcos FCB, who has given the Huawei Band 4 Pro a five-star rating. “Very good performance. GPS is very accurate”, adds Frank, who has already tested the device.

But Huawei’s flagship bracelet is equipped with many more options that make the difference with respect to its immediate competitors. For example, their multiple training modes, up to ninesuch as running and walking outdoors or indoors, biking, rowing, or swimming. The latter, in addition, is able to recognize the distance swam, the calories burned or the speed thanks to its six axis motion sensor. Of course the bracelet is submersible in water up to 50 meters deep and withstands a pressure of five atmospheres. “I love. I wanted a bracelet that would keep my record when I go for a run and for room workouts, such as directed classes, and this meets perfectly”, celebrates Emily, who has also given the product the highest rating. “Its resistance and handling in the water work super well”, summarizes Enrique C., another user.

From this smart assistant you can also check message or call notifications and, with a single touch, allows find your phone, control music playback, or take a photo. Refering to battery, the capacity of this is 100 mAh, its estimated charging time is around 100 minutes and autonomy ranges from five to 12 days, according to the use that the user makes of the bracelet and the functions that it keeps activated. “The way of charging is very comfortable and the battery life is much higher than that of similar bracelets”, Antonio de Granada writes on the Amazon website. “The battery lasts forever, I am on the average of one load per week”, says Jihane, who has already used Huawei’s Band 4 Pro.

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* All prices included in this article are updated as of 11-21-2020.

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