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Huawei builds first factory outside of China in France

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The company builds its first European factory.

(Photo: AFP)

Paris The Chinese Huawei group, which is threatened with restrictions on the equipment of future mobile radio networks in Europe, wants to set up production in France. The plant is to produce technology for super-fast 5G radio data transmission, as well as today’s common LTE networks, mainly for use in the European market, as announced on Thursday by Huawei. For example, these could initially be antennas, top manager Liang Hua said in Paris, according to the AFP news agency.

Huawei announced that the largely automated plant with an estimated 500 employees will produce equipment worth around one billion euros annually. The company plans to invest more than 200 million euros, including the purchase of land and the cost of construction and equipment for the factory. It would be the first of its kind outside of China.

In Europe, decisions by the British government and proposals by the EU Commission indicate that Huawei’s participation in the expansion of 5G networks could be at least massively restricted. There is talk of keeping “risky providers” away from core areas of the network.

It is unclear whether production in Europe could improve Huawei’s position. Huawei said it had the “goal to support Europe’s digital sovereignty and promote the development of a comprehensive European value chain”.

The US government in particular is putting pressure on its allies in Europe to completely exclude Huawei from 5G network expansion. She argues that the group is a danger because the government in Beijing can force it to cooperate in espionage or sabotage. Huawei rejects the allegations.

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