Huawei galleys, Garcia galleys and galley of snow


Huawei's P30 Pro wants to compete with Samsung's Galaxy S10 and Apple's iPhone X. – CHRISTOPHE SEFRIN / 20 MINUTES

It's Wednesday, and it's already time to summarize the news of this day. We know that you expect it all, especially in Isigny and Batz-sur-Mer.

The green question of the day: The snowfarming is it the future of ski resorts?

At the ski resort of Mont-Aigoual, Wednesday.
At the ski resort of Mont-Aigoual, Wednesday. – Facebook page Prat-Peyrot Station

In the face of climate change, several ski resorts now resort to snowfarming. This technique, coming from the Scandinavian countries, makes it possible to store snow, used then for the season to come. This avoids resorting to snow cannons and allows stations to open even when there is not enough natural snow. We detail the technique
 in this article.

The difficulties of the day: After the withdrawal of Google, Huawei accumulates the disappointments

Accused of espionage on behalf of China, Huawei sees many partners turn his back on him, at least temporarily. Several major operators in Japan and the United Kingdom have announced that they will have to run their equipment for the time being. Huawei sold 206 million smartphones last year. Explanations here.

The start of the day: Rudi Garcia leaves OM

Rudi Garcia.
Rudi Garcia. – Jean-François MONIER / AFP

Surprise! Undoubtedly the most decried coach of the L1 with his Lyon counterpart Bruno Génésio, Rudi Garcia announced on Wednesday that he was leaving OM. Marseille fans are showing their satisfaction after the announcement of this departure, which had been training OM for two years and seven months. The fans will remember the final of the Europa League and the good season 2017-18, but they believe that with this failed season, the story is over. 20 minutes
went to meet them. We also trained
 the results of these 31 months.

The fake of the day: Does a cargo ship pollute as much as all French cars?

The assertion is Jordan Bardella, head of the list of European Rally National: a cargo would pollute as much as all French cars. The statement had already been launched by Marine Le Pen. While international shipping is a source of sulfur pollution, it is hardly comparable with that of cars – which also emit much more greenhouse gases. 20 minutes you detail all that
in this article.

The video of the day: Carlos Ghosn forbids to see his wife "without specific permission"

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