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Huawei is finally losing momentum in the smartphone market

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Huawei enjoyed moderate success in 2019 despite the commercial ban, as it was able to certify and launch several devices with Google Play Services before the ban began in May. But it has always been a matter of bracing for 2020 and it seems that the company expects a significant drop in fortunes.

Now, The information reported (h / t: Engadget) that Huawei expects smartphone sales to drop by 20% in 2020, mainly due to the commercial ban. The store says the information was shared with several managers in its consumer division, citing “people who are familiar with the matter”.

Indeed, The informationThe sources say in particular that the expected drop is due to the much weaker expected sales in Europe and other foreign markets. The store says that Huawei expects sales for around 190 million smartphones in 2020, compared to just over 240 million in 2019.

The commercial ban takes effect

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This news would not be a surprise, as Huawei was able to certify numerous devices to support Google Play services before the U.S. commercial ban in May. Devices that have cut support for Google include the flagship P30 series, the budget-focused P Smart 2019, the pop-up for Y9 Prime 2019, the Nova 5T and several Honor devices.

He was therefore able to rely on these certified devices when the ban took hold, keeping foreign consumers and retailers happy. But 2020 will mark the first full year with no new devices receiving Google Play Services support (if the current situation remains the same throughout 2020).

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Instead, Huawei runs its Huawei mobile services platform on devices. So it’s no surprise that he reportedly expects weaker sales, as he is forced to ship new devices without the Google services framework or to rename older devices that have been certified.

However, consumers looking for a Huawei phone are stuck with not having to choose Google Play Services but with 2020 hardware or last year’s hardware with Google services. And with rival brands like Samsung, Xiaomi and Oppo that offer Google support is new hardware, it is clear that Huawei will be on the back foot.

All eyes will be on the launch of Huawei’s P40 series on March 26, which will be the first flagship family of the P series without Google’s support. It also follows the launch of the Mate 30 series as a second flagship without Google certification. But the P40 series is expected to see a wider launch than the Mate 30 family, marking the first really big test for Huawei.

Would you buy a P40 series phone without Google support if it met all your hardware expectations? Let us know in the comments!

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