Huawei – the first HarmonyOS smartphones in 2021

Huawei plans to release the first HarmonyOS smartphones for 2021. Android and iOS have a new competitor.

During its conference reserved for developers Huawei took the opportunity to make several announcements, including a very important one concerning HarmonyOS. For memory, HarmonyOS is the operating system designed by the Chinese company after its setbacks with the United States.

Deprived of Android, she accelerated the development of her own OS. Initially, it was supposed to be used only for small connected objects, but the situation has changed.

Harmony OS 2.0 in Beta version was made available to developers on September 10, 2020. This first development kit is designed for connected TVs, smartwatches or headphones. It concerns devices with a memory capacity between 128KB and 128MB.

The OS will take a new step in December 2020. A new version will be available at the end of the year but this time it will be compatible with smartphones Huawei.

This includes the SDK (Software Development Kit), documentation, etc. Huawei has announced that it plans to release its first smartphones under HarmonyOS in 2021.

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