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HUAWEI WATCH FIT Special Edition, an upgraded smart watch with full intelligence at a great price. With a new sleep tracking mode!

The smartwatch that was loved by many people is back again HUAWEI WATCH FIT special edition updated both technology intelligence User action and design Let’s see if it is enough to update the new model. WATCH FIT special edition How smart will it be? And what can it tell us about our physical health?

  1. tell us straight how to sleep better too HUAWEI TruSleep™ 3.0

back this time Algorithm accuracy HUAWEI WATCH FIT special edition considered more developed 10% compared to the previous version and the capacity HUAWEI TruSleep™ 3.0 It can accurately record sleep data, such as when we fall asleep. wake time sleep duration Values ​​during sleep In addition, the smartwatch can help guide routines. that we should do during the day to improve sleep efficiency

update: We can easily see important numerical values ​​and instructions. across the dial HUAWEI WATCH FIT special edition or you can connect to a smartphone through an app HUAWEI Health for further instructions. You can download applications. HUAWEI Health find the way AppGallery or Huawei’s website

2. Tell us how much we love ourselves. and following scientific exercises

If a person exercises regularly but never collects statistics and health indicators, they may miss the opportunity to know how our health and body develop or we may continue to prolong in exercise. HUAWEI WATCH FIT special edition Comes with more exercise modes 100 mode included Professional sports mode 11 fashion and Free sports mode more 85 Modes Add new modes of popular sports such as football, basketball, e-sports, padel. (fall) and also waterproof to standard level 5ATM and technology TruSport™ Algorithms developed by Huawei and Built-in GPS follow the route precisely Can collect data and analyze exercise scientifically like having an exercise coach with you anytime, anywhere. There is a systematic evaluation and adjustment of the exercise plan. Which includes the recovery period after exercise as well. Anyone who is new to exercise will find it easier to enjoy exercise. For those who are already fit pro-level will be able to enjoy exercise even more

And of course, in addition to the time we exercise. HUAWEI WATCH FIT special edition There is also a function to track activities and movements during the day. Whether counting steps to exercise and standing to reach the daily goal we can set our own goals through the application HUAWEI Health It will show a circle. 3 The circle on the screen allows us to always be aware of our own body and not forget to move.

Therefore, a positive smartwatch is not only smart, but also smart. It should also make users feel that exercise is fun. And take care of your health and take care of yourself regularly.

3. Said that we forgot to take care of ourselves during this time or not.

and a fast-paced lifestyle Often, we can be unconsciously stressed. or not notice that the body is about to be able A smartwatch is a technology that can enter and help us in this field. HUAWEI WATCH FIT special edition there is technology HUAWEI TruRelax™ which controls the user’s stress level by observing us in changes in heart rate This is an important factor that can indicate the level of stress. and has a breath environment feature Helps manage stress effectively by HUAWEI WATCH FIT special edition Can measure heart rate and value SpO2 With precision at any time and the purpose of exercise, which allows us to be aware of our own body. Especially when we did not notice the abnormality. Including a function to record and notify the menstrual cycle for women as well HUAWEI WATCH FIT special edition not a medical device The values ​​obtained cannot be used for diagnosis. Analyze and treat any disease or condition.

4. Express yourself with exceptional style.

especially new generation There is Z They focus on each item. daily wear therefore, smartwatches are not only for exercise. but must be worn to look positive in every look and express yourself HUAWEI WATCH FIT special edition It comes with a design that matches the shape of the new generation. only light weight 21 gram and some fair 10.7 hmm. comes with screen AMOLED great easy to use 1.64 inches, with a screen-to-body ratio of two 70% called Look at the face There are more to choose from. 10,000 Models fully express your unique identity. can be used continuously for longer time 9 date and support fast charging technology, only 5 Minutes can continue to be used. 2 day, fully loaded in fair 45 Only a few minutes can say that after watching the series after one episode, it is completely loaded without realizing it.

HUAWEI WATCH FIT special edition Supports smooth and trouble-free use on all devices, both iOS and Android don’t log in through an app HUAWEI Health when connected to a smartphone, it can notify incoming calls, messages from various applications, and can send urgent responses to the wrist, support text reading in Thai, which makes it possible You don’t need to carry a smartphone you are with you all the time.

HUAWEI WATCH FIT special edition Available 3 Colors include black Starry Black, green Forest Green, and pink Pink nebula available at a price 2,699 baht with special promotions 8.8 When ordering before anyone else of the day 8 August 2566 get a discount coupon 100 baht and a cloth bag worth 790 baht in online channels HUAWEI store special for customers 60 The first person to order from Huawei’s official store is on lasing Get a free stainless steel water bottle 790 baht and for customers 100 The first person to order from the official Huawei store Shopee get free bags worth 390 baht

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HUAWEI WATCH FIT SE review, tracking health data, every movement. 100 workout modes with built-in GPS

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