Hubble captures the “dangerous dance” of two merging galaxies

The Hubble Space Telescope of NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) has captured an image of the “dangerous dance” of two galaxies that are in the process of merging, communicates the US space agency.

They are two spiral galaxies that are 100 million light years from Earth: the NGC 5953 (in the image it is at the bottom) and NGC 5954. Because they are “so intertwined” scientists have given them a common name: Arp 91.

Arp 91 represents a particularly vivid example of galactic interaction. The picture shows that NGC 5953 is taking from NGC 5954, clarifies NASA. “The immense gravitational attraction of the two galaxies makes them interact,” says the US space agency, clarifying that this type of interaction phenomena are “common”, as well as “an important part of the galactic evolution“, informs rt

It also explains that collisions between spiral galaxies can lead to formation of other types of galaxies, known as ellipticals. However, these massive and extremely powerful mergers occur on time scales of hundreds of millions of yearsSo we shouldn’t expect Arp 91 to look different in the near or medium-term future, NASA stresses. YS (Photo: Twitter)

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