Hubbles captures distant galaxy 12 times in rare image


Astronomers have spotted a galaxy in the distant universe

The unusual sight was captured by the NASA / ESA Hubble Space Telescope.

The galaxy appearing has been nicknamed the Sunburst Arc.

It is almost 11 billion light-years away.

The Sunburst Arcade is the only one in the captured image due to the effect of gravitational lensing.

A gravitational lens refers to matter That DG UH the Direction of light passing nearby it distorted Due to gravity Bending the space in ITS gravitational field.

This effect is the illusion of multiple times.

The Sunburst Arc has been published.

One of four of the light from the Sunburst Arc.
One of four of the light from the Sunburst Arc.ESA / Hubble, NASA, Rivera-Thorsen

Sunburst Arc galaxy. T

Gravitational has on on on on on

One arc is in the top right.

The galaxy actually appears multiple times within horse arc.

Hubble uses a cosmic magnifying lens to study objects like this.

It allows astronomers.

The scientists observing the Sunburst Arcade of the Big Bang.

Years old, this makes the Sunburst Arc very old indeed.

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