Huge Champions League warning for Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham amid fear of coronavirus

Coronavirus is already having a huge impact on the Premier League.

And former Manchester United man Darren Fletcher believes it could hit the best clubs even more.

There is no guarantee that the Premier League season will end this year, with the program suspended until April and may even go longer than that depending on the rate at which the epidemic continues.

Some people in the game have suggested that the only solution is to declare nothing this season, which would hit Liverpool harder, being only a matter of time before they recorded their first Premier League win.

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But it could also affect Liverpool and the rest of the big six, depending on whether the Champions League reaches a conclusion or not.

For many years now, UEFA has questioned the idea of ​​a European Super League.

And Fletcher believes that if the coronavirus continues to ruin programming, the idea of ​​the European Super League could get closer and closer.

Speaking BBC Radio Five Live he said, “You can speculate about cup competitions and things like that, but the biggest thing for me is the Premier League, and the leagues must be over.

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“Everything will come down to money, like everything. The powers that are, the money involved, the sponsorship agreements.

“The Champions League will not accept it and will not accept it [not finishing].

“The powerful clubs, there will be leaks and even more the push towards the escape leagues on the back – 100%.

Coronavirus is having an impact on sport in Europe, with some events happening behind closed doors and guidelines in place that clubs up and down the country are following.

– Several Champions League draws will be played behind closed doors in the next two weeks. Here is the complete list of them.

– In Italy, the sport was suspended until April 3.

– No such decision has yet been made in England, with a government minister suggesting that it is not likely in the near future.

– But a meeting was held on Monday to discuss the UK’s response to the coronavirus, with guidelines in place to try to contain the epidemic.

– This includes stopping handshakes before Premier League games over the weekend.

“If you went to the Champions League and said it wasn’t happening, they will propose an escape and invite the teams they want.

“It could actually be an excuse to get what they want anyway. They want it, an escape league.

“This could be the perfect opportunity to get it and go” we will do it next season if you want to cancel the Champions League next season, who’s there? “


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