Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

Hugh Jackman, the pop star, is preparing a big world tour

NEW YORK – Hugh Jackman is scheduled to launch a pop star-like tour next year, but he did his research: he attended a concert at Beyonce. A concert by Justin Timberlake. AND MICHAEL JACKSON'S CONCERT.

Jackman says he's "seen some of the bigger ones." And the great performers for me are the ones who can connect with the person at the back and on the front. "

The actor, born in Australia, did a tour of the arena three years ago, but never thought that he would be able to replicate that success. Then came "The Greatest Showman" – a game changer for Jackman's musical career.

He says he has the opportunity to go around the world … "I probably would not have it if it was not the movie" The greatest showman. "

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