August 23, 2019

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Human chain in Hong Kong to demand democracy from the Chinese regime

The hongkoneses have a well-known reputation as good organizers, which is being demonstrated even in the chaos of the protests that have revolutionized the city for two and a half months. From Monday to Friday they work with their usual dedication and on the weekend they take to the streets. While the elders demonstrate mass peacefully during the day, the young people fight at night with the police as an 'urban guerrilla'. In both cases, what stands out most is its perfect synchronization, as has been seen again this Friday in the human chain that has crossed the island of Hong Kong and part of Kowloon to the New Territories. In total, the goal was to reach a distance of about 33 kilometers following the route of three subway lines, for what it took about 44,000 people According to the organizers.

With their hands held high and holding their mobiles with their flashlights on, tens of thousands of people have formed this impressive human chain that opens a new weekend of protests, the twelfth now, against the authoritarianism of the Chinese regime. From east to west of the island, and from south to north of the adjoining peninsula, the lights even reached the Lion's Rock, where a group of hikers formed their own mountain chain over skyscrapers. Organized during this week through the internet, this new mobilization has been inspired by the human chain with almost two million people who, just 30 years ago, toured the Baltic republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to ask for independence from the Soviet Union. With that same goal, but from Spain, another human chain crossed Catalonia on the Day of 2013. In this case, what the Hongkones claim to China is not that, but democracy, but the official propaganda informs about the protests as if they were a independence revolution to exalt nationalism and bring together society around the Communist Party.

«We do not want independence, but more just elections and have full universal suffrage. What we want is for the world to know more about Hong Kong because we face China and we need the support of other countries, since we are fighting for our freedom and to protect our values, ”explained Kay Kay, a 36-year-old accountant to the doors of the Pacific Plaza shopping center. To do this, the protesters they carried posters with the flags of various countries, from the United States to South Korea through Germany, France and the Baltic republics, asking for help in their respective languages.

"We need the support of other countries for the Hong Kong Government to listen to our demands," said Karena, a 20-year-old Social Work student. Between them, are the withdrawal of the extradition law to China that has exploded this summer of social turmoil, which has been suspended but not canceled, the investigation of the use of police force in protests, amnesty for those accused of "riots" and the revival of the democratic process.

Various altercations in the city

«Time for freedom! Time for Hong Kong! ”(“ Time for freedom! Time for Hong Kong! ”) The crowd shouted along the chain as the passengers of the trams and buses joined them, lighting their cell phone flashlights. With democratic songs and proclamations, the atmosphere was festive and familiar, but at some points there were riots with pedestrians opposed to the protests that almost reached the hands, as this correspondent witnessed in the Wan Chai district.

"I hope that this weekend's protests will be peaceful and the police will not fire more tear gas," said Kay, the accountant, after the truce that has been going on since last weekend. Although there are still incidents due to the occupations of some metro stations, at least the violent clashes with riot police in recent weeks have not been repeated.

To regain peace, the crowd sang the "Sing Hallelujah to the Lord" psalm as a farewell, anthem of the protests along with the theme of "The Miserable", under the skyscrapers with neons of the Central District. While Beijing hardens its pressure on Hong Kong's big companies and purges local airlines to fire those who support the protests, The city is preparing for a new weekend of mobilizations. With the perfect organization of the hongkoneses, these next two days it will be checked if the truce continues or the violence returns.

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