Hunting: "Proud" of having killed a giraffe, she ate it and shows off her trophies (video)


Tess Thomson has become in 2018 the symbol of a legal practice but decried: the hunt for exotic animals and sometimes threatened. This is particularly shocking for animal defenders as hunters, often wealthy, who participate in these safaris regularly pose with the dead animal.

After shooting a black giraffe (which is not a species in itself but a genetic peculiarity) in 2017, this American had received insults and even death threats when the cliché had resurfaced in 2018. What does not did not prevent Friday to defend his point of view, with arguments that have not left indifferent.

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"Animals are on Earth for us, we harvest them, we eat them", she said in a CBS report (in English below). She also claimed to have eaten part of the giraffe in question and that it "was delicious". Far from having been taken aback by the threats, she even keeps a particular memory of this hunt, since she had herself made, among other trophies, a rifle case with the skin of the animal. She explained that she only received compliments on the cushions she had made.

Safari photos and videos of this type are regularly controversial on the Internet, even if in the vast majority of cases no offense has been committed. Some low-income countries, particularly in Africa, are proposing very high sums for foreign hunters to kill specimens of sometimes endangered species, such as elephants (giraffes are considered "vulnerable"). The authorities are justified by the fact that these sums are allocated to the protection of the species, especially for the fight against poaching which is much more victim than safaris.

Tess Thomson said to herself "Proudly" to be a hunter and to have killed this giraffe because she thinks she has"contributed to the preservation and control of wildlife". An argument that may not convince animal defenders.

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