Husband Claims to Work Turns Out to Marriage Again, Wife and Children Labrak the Party – A weddings of Zambia failed after the groom’s wife and child visited and rammed.

Adapt, Friday (16/10/2020), Abraham Muyunda apparently secretly plans to marry another woman, even though he is still the legal husband of Caroline Mubita.

According to Caroline, the man who has been in the household with her for 11 years admits going to the city to work.

Unexpectedly, this father of three apparently attended his own wedding which was held at the Catholic church in Chainda, the capital of Zambia, Lusaka.

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Muyunda’s lies were exposed after Caroline heard from neighbors, saying that her husband was throwing a party wedding.

Wife and Children Come to Weddings, Labrak’s Husband Who Claims to Work. (Newsflash screenshot)

Suddenly, the woman, with her child, immediately visited the church where her husband’s wedding was being held.

In the video circulating, Caroline is seen holding the child on her shoulder, forcing her into a frenzy.

“Father, this marriage cannot continue. The man here is my husband. I don’t know what’s going on here,” Caroline said, as heard on the tape.

This woman was seen being intercepted by a guest before going up to the altar to protest directly at the priest.

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Knowing the arrival of his legal wife, the man who is said to be working at the Zambia Revenue Authority looked surprised. He covered his face with his hand.

“This man is my husband. We are not divorced or separated,” said Caroline.

Local media reported that the incident had been reported to the local police, while the family decided to take further action.

According to the United Nations, Zambia has two distinct marriage laws, based on custom and modern legislation.

These two sources of law do not allow the practice of polygamy. Anyone who tries to marry under the statute when he already has a legal husband or wife can be prosecuted.

If convicted and convicted of bigamy, Muyunda could face up to seven years in prison under Zambian law.

It was said that the new bride had found out that Muyunda already had a wife. But this did not make him hesitate to continue to finance the event and get married.

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