Hvězda Slunečné a Tváře Eva Burešová (27): HAS STOPPED!

Before filming, Sunny measures the temperature of everyone involved every day. The protagonists of Face at Nova have to go straight for tests once a week. It was the test that revealed that Eva was positive for covid. She doesn’t know where she came from. “I don’t go anywhere and my loved ones also protect themselves,” the actress said, noting that she doesn’t go to big shopping malls, keep her distance and don’t take risks.


She sees the only possible cause of the disease in the fact that three days ago, due to a change in weather, she got really wet and cooled down. “I immediately knew something was coming. I had a premonition. But I was expecting a common normal flu or a strong cold, “lamented Týna Popelková from Slunečná. So far, according to his words, he feels only weak symptoms and believes that he will successfully overcome everything.

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But the actress is remorseful for her colleagues, to whom she assigned work and worries. Fortunately, she had just had the last four days off in Slunečná, so she did not come into contact with any of the actors or the crew. “The shooting was not endangered, there will be pictures in which it is not. And he will shoot his scenes when he will be able to return after ten days, “said Aha! press spokesman of the Prima series Josef Ducký.

Boxes in Nova

The situation is worse for the competition. A positive test for covid has also been published in the Face Bara Basikova (57) a Erice Stárkové (36). She collapsed before the shooting of today’s work, so she had to replace it in a hurry Burešová. For the moderator Vladimír Polívka (31), who was also quarantined, jumped back last Saturday Ondrej Sokol (49).

Filming of the novice show was even suspended. According to the information Aha! but despite the great complication, the cameras go on again … “Eva Burešová is currently in quarantine. The shooting of the show is in no way endangered, “confirmed Aha! spokesman Vojtěch Boháček. Who sits in the jury instead, but did not reveal it.

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