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HVO-Querido in shock after beating his beloved boyfriend: “Terrible news”

The death of a 65-year-old HVO-Querido supervisor struck the health care organization like a bomb. The man was found seriously injured on the street in the West last week and died in hospital Sunday. A client is suspected in the case and is in jail. “He was a beloved collaborator,” says Jessica Wesselius of the Board on the Victim.


Wesselius: “It’s really terrible news. People are very upset. Of course the team involved, the employees. But also the customers, because we lost a dear employee. You notice that everyone is sad. We also receive a lot “It’s amazing to see how everyone has come together to put this together. The defeat is great.”


At HVO-Querido they do not yet know exactly what happened. “Of course, this question is everywhere, especially with us. Unfortunately, we know very little. We know that our staff got injured on the street. We know that a client of ours is in pretrial detention and that our staff has “But we don’t know anything else. It’s very frustrating, but that’s what we can say.”

According to the client’s lawyer, he suffered a seizure. When he arrived, he found his boyfriend injured in the front yard, so he called 911. Police are still investigating the incident, but logically the lack of details about the incident raises many difficult questions to answer.

“Our focus now is mainly on everyone involved. Then you’re not only talking about the team itself, but certainly also about all our other employees. And also how you deal with it and “Let’s see what we can and can’t learn from this and what it means. So no, this is it for now,” said Wesselius.


The deceased employee was well-liked by the organization and has worked for Hvo-Querido for over twenty years. It is considered a memorial service. The suspect’s client is still in jail and on Monday the court will decide whether the suspect will stay in jail longer.

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