Hyundai introduces a new Tucson, a boldly shaped SUV will be produced in Nošovice

The trailers for the new tucson did not deceive this time, the novelty really has a very distinctive design. Above all, the bow attracts with its triangular LED headlights and a distinctive radiator grille. Significant indentations are removed from the side and the rear lamps are connected.

The new edition has thus increased in terms of self-confidence and market position, but you will also measure millimeters in fact. It still ranks in the C segment of the SUV, next door Peugeot 3008 or Damage Karoq. It measures 4500 mm in length, is 1865 mm wide, 1650 mm high and the wheelbase is 2680 mm.

Fourth generation Hyundai Tucson

Photo: Hyundai

Hyundai Tucson previous, third generation

Photo: Petr Horník, Právo

It is therefore 20 mm longer, 15 mm wider, 5 mm higher and the wheelbase has increased by 10 mm. According to Hyundai, the rear passengers will have 26 mm more legroom.

Depending on the drive, the bootloader is 33 to 107 liters larger, offering up to 620 liters and 1,799 liters, respectively.

Inside, there is also a new design direction that Hyundai will probably follow in the case of other models as well. The horizontal lines hide indirect and direct ventilation sources and connect to the central panel with infotainment display and contact surfaces. There is a 10.25-inch digital instrument panel in front of the driver.

Hyundai boasts a wealth of equipment that the customer will be able to pay extra for. For example, there is three-zone air conditioning, ventilated front seats or ambient lighting with 64 shades.

Only sixteen

At first, only sixteen will go to the new Tucson, but the choice will not be poor. Without electrification, there is a 110 kW petrol turbo engine and an 85 kW diesel unit. Mild hybrids work with 48V network and starter-generator. The petrol version has 132 kW, the diesel version 100 kW.

The top design is a full-hybrid that can already handle driving them on electricity. It has a total system power of 169 kW. The 44.2 kW electric motor is powered by a set of 1.49 kWh Li-Poly batteries. In the future, it will be accompanied by a third type of electrification, a plug-in hybrid with an output of 195 kW, which will be recharged from the mains.

For all variants, with the exception of two non-electrified units, it is possible to choose between a front-wheel drive and an ATV. The basis is an iMT manual transmission with an electronically controlled clutch, thanks to which even a car with three pedals can sail automatically. An alternative is a seven-stage two-clutch cabinet.

This year

The first fourth-generation Tucsons – hybrid versions, diesel and petrol engines, including 48V mild-hybrid variants – will appear in Hyundai’s European showrooms later this year.

A plug-in hybrid version and N Line trim level will follow early next year.

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