Hyundai Kona Electric may be replaced by a new member of the Ioniq family

The electric family of Ioniq models could grow over time by more affordable models, one of which could succeed the Kona EV electric crossover.

A few days ago, the carmaker Hyundai boasted a picture in which we could see the first models of its growing electric family Ioniq. The smallest is the already introduced Ioniq 5 crossover, followed by the elegant Ioniq 6 coupe, and the flagship will probably be up to the seven-seater Ioniq 7 electric SUV.

However, the range of Ioniq models could also grow in the opposite direction, ie among the more affordable electric cars. And one of them could be the successor of the Kona EV electric car produced in NoŇ°ovice, as Thomas Schemera, the brand’s head of global marketing, suggested in an interview with Automotive News Europe.

Although Schemera traditionally did not want to be specific, he should have told colleagues in Automotive News Europe that it “seems likely” for the Ioniq family’s model range to be expanded to include 2.3 or 4 cars. “It would make sense to extend all the benefits E-GMP platform for smaller vehicles as well. “

Recall that the E-GMP platform was introduced with the Ioniq 5 model and, depending on the version, now offers batteries with a usable capacity of 58 or 73 kWh, range of 384 to 481 km according to WLTP, fast charging at up to 350 kW, maximum power 125 to 225 kW and drive only one or both axles.

However, when developing the successor to the Kona EV model, the carmaker will probably focus on cutting costs rather than impressive parameters. Schemera was supposed to reveal that the carmaker’s management was fascinated by the concept of ID. Life introduced by Volkswagen. Its production version should cost around 20,000 euros (approximately 508,000 CZK).


This is of course an interesting challenge for Hyundai, as the production ID. Life could become one of the main competitors of the basic models in Hyundai Ioniq’s offer. Schemera should therefore have indicated that if Volkswagen could offer a basic electric car at this price, Hyundai would either have to move closer or bring an even better offer.

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At the same time, however, he had to add that the cheap electric car Hyundai Ioniq will probably not reach the market before 2025, which gives the carmaker enough time to explore various options and further development. For now, we can look forward to at least the already mentioned Ioniq 6 coupe and Ioniq 7 SUV.


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