Hyundai Tucson: New Hyundai Tucson becomes rechargeable

After three generations and 16 years on the market, the Tucson has become Hyundai’s best-selling SUV. Now it comes in a completely new packaging with a radical design, a high level of safety and a driveline that fits nicely into the Norwegian tax system.

The first thing you notice is that the car’s driving lights hide in the grill when they are not lit. Hyundai calls this Parametric Jewel Hidden Lights, and it gives the new Tucson a unique design both in daylight and in the dark.

In the rear, the same theme is transmitted to the LED headlights that extend across the entire width of the car. Rear wiper is hidden under the rear spoiler at the top of the tailgate.

The new Tucson has a length of 450 cm (+ 20 mm), is 186.5 cm wide (+ 15 mm) and protrudes 165 cm (+ 5 mm) over the asphalt. Wheelbase is 268 cm (+ 10 mm)

The screen containing the instrument panel is lowered so that the top aligns with the rest of the dashboard. The infotainment system has a 10.25-inch touch screen, and below the screen is a touch panel for controlling the air conditioner.

Another detail in the new Tucson are hidden air vents that combine direct and indirect ventilation to provide a more comfortable climate in the car.

The latest version of Hyundai’s Bluelink telematics is in place in the new Tucson. Through a dedicated app, users can find the car, open and lock it as well as check the status of fuel etc.

If the car has to be parked between 200 meters and 2 km from the final destination, you can navigate all the way using this app on a smartphone.

Hyundai Live Services provides real-time traffic information, helps find free parking, shows you the way to gas stations (including prices) and keeps you updated on the weather.

The car has three-zone air conditioning so that the passengers in the back seat can choose the desired setting. There are heated seats both front and rear, while the front seats also have ventilation for hot days.

Tucson has the latest updates on the safety front, which includes an airbag between the driver and front passenger. In addition to cars and pedestrians, the anti-collision system also reacts to cyclists and animals.

Among other details, we can mention that the car can be parked unattended via the key – nice if you are in a cramped parking garage.

Internationally, Tucson is offered with a range of petrol and diesel engines, including hybrid and mild hybrid variants.

In a few months, a rechargeable hybrid will follow, and it is this that is relevant for Norway. The driveline is similar to the one used in the new Santa Fe Plug-in and combines a 1.6-liter turbo petrol engine with an electric motor for a total power of 265 hp and a torque of 350 Nm.

We do not currently receive information about the electric range, but expect it to be at least 50 kilometers if the battery pack (13.8 kWt) is also the same as in Santa Fe.

The European cars are produced in Hyundai’s factory in the Czech Republic, and the new Tucson Plug-in is on the Norwegian market in early 2021.

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