Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

I am a celebrity Sair "absolutely furious" after discovering Emily Atack's lie in the camp

This year, I am a harmonious celebrity camp that has not been shaken by scandal, arguments or friendships that have broken down.

In fact, relationships in the jungle are getting stronger – and no one seemed closer than a group of camp mates: Sair, Emily, Fleur and Rita.

They were seen entertaining themselves with celebrity impressions and hugging each other.

But their friendships might not be as strong when they come out of the jungle when they discover that Emily told them a big lie when they were at the camp.

Sair Khan was astonished after hearing Emily Atack confessing a nasty incident that confused his classmates because no one knew who was guilty.

During Tuesday's Extra Camp episode, Emily appeared in the Bush Telegraph to answer questions from viewers.

Emily realizes that millions of people are aware of her chili robbery

A woman also named Emily wrote to former 28-year-old actress Inbetweeners to ask her if the spice she stole last week was spicy.

If that escaped you, Emily and Sair prepared a meal for everyone one night at the camp and divided a chili into eight pieces so that those who wanted could eat a little.

Malic could be seen asking where his chili had gone and, despite Sair's interrogation of his comrades, no one had confessed to taking two pieces.

Afterwards, Emily confessed to the Bush Telegraph stealing a little more chili because she loved chilli. Viewers knew that it was her, but she kept her betrayal hidden from the rest of her comrades.

Joel Dommett, Scarlett Moffatt and Joe Swash were watching

And we all know how much food means I'm a candidate for fame.

When the actress was interviewed about the chili on Extra Camp, she gasped and laughed before explaining "could have been spicier" and then begged, "Do not tell anyone that I stole this chili! "

The damage was already done, however, Sair, his Coronation Street actress girlfriend, was in the studio with Scarlett Moffatt, Joel Dommett and Joe Swash – and she was looking at it all.

Emily's interview is over and Scarlett told Sair: "Yeah, you would not have known that she had stolen this sprig of chili!"

Sair, her mouth open, said, "I'm absolutely angry, I can not believe it, we're no longer friends, she's dead for me."

Let's hope she's joking and that the couple will be able to go for a drink and dance when Emily leaves the jungle.

Last year, I became a celebrity, when Iain Lee and Amir Khan ate their Dingo Dollar Challenge winnings on their way back to camp, and then lied to their classmates.

One by one, the comrades discovered what really happened when they left the jungle.

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I am a celebrity 2018

Who else will be annoyed by Emily's betrayal? We would like to know what Malic thinks of his chili flight.


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