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I am a celebrity: the arguments of Noel Edmonds and Nick Knowles edited out of series

The mounts of Noel Edmonds and Nick Knowles were "left out" of the series, says Malic Thompson Dwyer.

The Hollyoaks star revealed how much there was a lot of clashes around the campfire and tried to stay out of the conflict, even though many arguments had not been shown to the viewers at home.

He said, "They had these big conflicts, they talked about evolution, and Nick said we all evolved from monkeys and I do not think Noel believes it.

"Half the time, I thought:" I do not even listen to what they say. "

Nick and Noel did not always hear at the camp

Noel deepened the discussion alongside Malic, where he stated that he thought "competitive" that Nick was "on a mission to win," but Malic attempted to defend his artisan father by claiming that his skills were valuable in the camp.

Malic went on: "Nick was doing so much, he even made a clothesline, Harry was near the fire smoking, and he made that palm-leaf blanket to stop the smoke.

"So, he's very helpful – I do not think he's upset anyone."

This morning, when Vicky Pattison told this story to Phillip Schofield and Rochelle Humes, both men were frustrated to learn that they had not seen anything like it. They said they wanted to see things continue. the jungle, as now these arguments do not have the chance to "overflow".

Nick and Malique have united since their first day in the jungle

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I am a celebrity 2018

Vicky joked that Noel was "famous for his odd opinions", so it was still likely that the pair would not hear, but they were sad to see that this did not quite make our screens.

One of the things we've seen is that the two are arguing over camp rules, Noel regularly leaving the camp against the wishes of the former camp leader, Nick.

MirrorOnline has contacted ITV for a comment.

I'm a celebrity continues at 9pm tonight and This Morning is airing weekday at 10:30 on ITV.

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