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I am a single Anne Hegerty admits that she sleeps with one of Nick Knowles' articles

Anne Hegerty revealed that she still kept Nick Knowles near SLEEPING with one of her camp items I'm at Celebrity.

Chase's fiery questionnaire struggled in his early days at the camp. After the main campers had learned that she wanted to leave the show, Nick took her in his arms, snuggling against her and taking her in his arms.

Later, he offered her a gift to help relieve her discomfort – her pillow – and it turns out that Anne still can not get by, despite "it smells of wood smoke" .

In her first interview since she left the jungle last night, she told Phillip Schofield and Rochelle Humes of the show This Morning, during her conversation with the person who had helped her To overcome his difficulties in the jungle: "My campmates were like: In the next few hours … spend another night here and see how you feel," and it gradually started to give me the night. impression that I could continue to do so.

Anne admitted that she still had hugs at Nick's pillow

"And when I got into the main camp, everyone was so charming.John Barrowman ran along the trail, arms open, Nick slid toward me and hugged me, as well as his pillow, on which I sleep since.

"He is still covered in wood smoke."

Nick clearly made an impression on Anne, when she declared that she would like to see him win the show entirely, though she suspects it will be Harry Redknapp who will win the crown.

Anne also promised to talk to the young man who talked about his autism this morning. He also wrote a letter to Anne thanking her for her efforts in the jungle.

Joseph Hughes, 11, wrote that people are "naughty with him" about his Asperger's Syndrome, but Anne said that she had seen the video and that she was "absolutely lovely. "

Phil told Anne how much the public likes it

She said: "My brother has shown me the video clip, it's absolutely delicious and I would like to write to him."

Since leaving the series, Anne admitted that she realized that she "was more of a fool" than she had hoped, even if she made sure that the housekeeper would not calm down in front of The Chase.

She continued, "I learned that I was much more a wimp than I thought – I'm really pathetic about tortuous spiders and invertebrates.

"If you go in my bra, I will completely collapse.

Nick gave his pillow

"I learned that I could hear better with people than I thought, or more likely than it was that an exceptionally beautiful year, full of adorable people.

"The housekeeper will continue to be totally brutal, but Anne Hegerty is a bit of a jerk and a bottler."

I'm a celebrity continues tonight at 9 pm on ITV and This Morning is airing on weekdays at 10:30 on ITV.

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