“I am not afraid, but I do restless” (Àlex Gozalbo)

This weekend was the last day of the Endesa Women’s League, a competition that is currently suspended. Georgina Bahí, pivot of the Cadí La Seu, summarizes the disbelief with which the basketball players are living the current situation.

How are you doing these days?
Like everyone else, spending time at home doing new things and looking for a structured routine to make confinement a little easier. I do puzzles, read and I’m doing an English course. There is also time to reflect on why. The physical trainer of the Cadí La Seu is passing us weekly guidelines, but not all players have the same material or the same space at home. I try to stay in shape.

Why do you think the competition will resume or is it the duty of any elite athlete?
The second option. I think it would be crazy to re-enter the league, because at best we would have been four weeks off and we would all need a preseason to compete at an acceptable level. Foreign players left for their countries and with the mobility problems some may or may not return.

The Endesa Women’s League is very short.
Yes, most of the players contracts are over. And not only the athletes, but also the flats where they live during the season. This weekend we will have to play the last day and many of the teams will close the season. Then only the ones would be left play-offs for some sets. At the time of the stop we were in sixth position and we had a difficult schedule.

The season was going well.
Yes, it has been a historic season for both the club and the city. We are proud of our role in the Eurocup. The job well done has paid off, although we knew that repeating the role from the previous season was exceptional. The new players have become very identified with the project and the coaching staff has done a good job of integrating them and getting the most juice out of the squad. Competing in Europe was a bit irregular for us, but when we had clean weeks and we could spend the week training work it became noticeable.

One of her colleagues, Sydney Wiese, tested positive for coronavirus.
Yes, he did let us know the same day he found out, but now he’s fine. It’s about passing the days. We keep the WhatsApp group on the team, but we don’t have many anecdotes to tell. We are up to date with news, pending what they decide to do with the competition.

Is the competition in danger?
The situation makes you think, this is inevitable. Until this season is over, we won’t know how to start the next one. Sponsors are of great importance in women’s sports and it will now be more difficult for them to get the money. I’m not scared, but I do know if all the teams can continue.

Can an athlete refrain from the moment we are living in?
The situation scares. Despite the brutal work being done by the healthcare industry, there are still many deaths. I think it’s a consequence that something is wrong in the world. The Earth is sending us warnings. We are burdening the environment. The situation is difficult and right now it is hard to see the end.


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