“I am not throwing the first stone at Dutroux when I have a semi-trailer of stones”

When the president asked him to explain the facts, the forty-something, detained and aggressive, replied: “When? What? How? ‘Or’ What ? “. She tried to present him prevention by prevention, so that he could explain himself on each abused child, but the defendant answered indifferently, with frightening coldness: “I take, I cash”, implying that he is ready to be sanctioned. During one of the scenes mentioned, he even urinated on one of the children. He only specified that he had abused them “in the bed, on the sofa or in the trailer. “


The victims, girls and boys, are children from 4 years old, because he had declared that “4 years old is my limit”. “No, in fact I have no particular age,” he corrected this Friday at the hearing. Showing himself threatening with the public prosecutor, affirming to the judge that she is not “doing her job well” and answering her curtly, he declared that he cannot “throw the first stone at Dutroux while I have a semi-trailer filled with pebbles ”.

This man had already committed similar acts to Huy and had been sentenced to a total of nine years in prison. Assaulted in the neighborhood after his release at the bottom of his sentence, he had moved to Jemeppe where he presented himself as a sympathetic “babysitter”.

This defendant incurs, in a state of recidivism, a very heavy prison sentence. The indictment and pleadings will take place on April 23.


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