“I didn’t really understand the reaction”

Impact coach Thierry Henry admitted he didn’t quite understand what went through the mind of striker Romell Quioto when he was sent off on Sunday in a 4-1 loss to Philadelphia.

The Impact was leading 1-0, thanks to the same Quioto in addition, when the Honduran player was seized with a fit of anger against Mark McKenzie of the Union, which earned him a red card. from the 15th minute. This obviously hurt the Montreal team very badly.

This is the second time in two games that an Impact player has indulged his emotions in a costly way, after Rudy Camacho’s bloodthirsty blow last Wednesday.

“We talked about it after the game against Vancouver, so that it doesn’t repeat itself, but at one point, you can’t ‘coach’ a reaction, it’s really difficult”, tried to explain Henry, after the match.

“You have to try to control yourself, and Romell did not control yourself, continued the French coach. It was also a fault for him. I didn’t really understand the reaction after putting in a goal. We were leading 1-0 and once again, we had to fight ten. “

And that causes additional fatigue in an already overtaxed workforce.

“We controlled the first half even at ten, after that we did not defend these two centers, said Henry. Once again, I would have liked to see the eleven against eleven, but we deprived ourselves of that and we are paying dearly. This is our fourth game in ten days and for the second time, we are playing it with ten. ”

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“I think in the second half, the guys were a little pumped up, it was a bit difficult physically,” added the coach. But we’ll have to move on because there is New England soon and after, the Red Bulls here. The schedule is tight, if we find ourselves at ten in every game, it will not be easy. “

See the full press briefing in the video above.


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