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“I do not know what happend to me”

On June 10, Etienne W., 79, stabbed his wife before attempting suicide by disembowelment. The facts were committed in their apartment at 62, boulevard d’Avroy in Liège: the rescuers had found Marie, 87, injured by 22 blows with a knife with a blade of 30 centimeters. Etienne then stabbed himself in the stomach, and he was found with his entrails exposed. The surgeons managed, despite their advanced age, to save them both.

Etienne W. and his wife had a very active life: they ran the American Express sandwich shop located rue Pont d’Avroy throughout their professional lives. But a family tragedy plunged them into great disarray, and the health problems linked to old age diminished them. At the time, it was particularly hot in their apartment, and the pandemic deprived them of all entertainment.

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