Friday, 21 Sep 2018

“I do not think he misses the White House”: Sean Spicer takes advantage of his post-Trump period | American News

Perched on a stool, down to earth, Sean Spicer wore a white open-collar shirt, a shiny blue jacket and dark blue jeans. He adjusted the microphone. Behind him, a neon sign gave the name of the place, Pearl Street Warehouse. This could have been the beginning of a comic routine in a dimly lit club.

Maybe that was the case. Spicer, 46, was speaking at a launch party for his memoirs, the first of Donald Trump's administration by one of his elders. "I have the impression of receiving questions again," said the former White House press secretary as he began a sweet interview on stage that culminated with him. by launching rumors about an appearance of Dancing with the Stars. an American and you could have a laugh and memories of his unfortunate gaffes, poorly fitting costumes and the indelible impression of Melissa McCarthy with motorized lectern on Saturday Night Live. Tell someone else and you could have a grimace with a diagnosis of the role that he played in the corruption of the national discourse and the concept of the truth itself. A year after his sudden departure from the West Wing, he remains a tragic-comical figure in a way that his ruthlessly disciplined successor, Sarah Sanders, is not.

"It's the kind of humor you see in Stalin's film Armando Iannucci," said Michael Cornfield, a political scientist at George Washington University in Washington. "It's not so bad – people are not murdered – but the willingness to lower in the eagerness to please the boss is the same."

Spicer was a Republican official of trusted communications when he was called to become spokesman for the most unconventional American president of modern times. Trump's tendency to be his own spokesperson, to tweet unilaterally at any time and to adopt a sharp fighting style in the world of New York tabloids would be wrong with the most seasoned public relations operator.

Michael Caputo, communications consultant who has known Trump for three decades, said, "I think Sean Spicer has had the toughest communication job on the planet. at the most difficult time possible and has served very well. He handled it with aplomb. "

But five minutes were all that it took to destroy Spicer's reputation in the eyes of half of the nation." On January 21, 2017, a day after Trump's inauguration, He entered the White House briefing room and aggressively told the media: "This was the biggest audience of a period of inauguration – in person and around the world." Spicer remembers: "The fact checkers said my pants were on fire, fashion critics mocked my light gray striped suit for the way. My first appearance in front of the media in the press conference room set an unfortunate precedent for a belligerent press facing an equally belligerent press secretary. "

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