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“I don’t dare invite anyone anymore, it’s a shame!”

At the beginning of November, tenants of the Touquet residence in Comines-Warneton called on us because, after several reports that remained unanswered, they were forced to live without heating, following a failure of the installation in the apartment building. When we went to the scene, the thermometer only showed 14 small degrees, even though the cold had not yet really taken hold.

“We have called the owner several times, but he does nothing. I pay more than 100 euros of charges per month for not having heating in my accommodation. There are people over 80 who live here… ”, deplores Patricia Houspi, who has lived in the building for 28 years.

Since our report, the heating has returned to the residence, the owner having done what is necessary to repair the boiler.

>> But that is not enough to satisfy some tenants: “It’s simple, there is never anything done here”

>> Patricia speaks of “unsanitary conditions”: “The front door hardly closes any more, there are bare electric wires, the cellar is constantly flooded …”


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