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I don’t think Elon Musk will buy Twitter in the end, says Daniel Dočekal

Maybe I’m going to buy Twitter, I want to buy Twitter, I have money on Twitter moment so moment, it’s not quite sure with this Twitter anymore. These are the four phases of courtesy between the richest man in the world and the Twitter platform.

I talked to Daniel Dočekal about why there is such hype and how everything will turn out, that means whether Elon Musk will eventually buy Twitter or not. She teaches and advises others on the workings of social media.

Is the large number of so-called bots on Twitter the reason Musk stopped buying Twitter, or is it an excuse? And how many of these shoes really are? Five, ten or twenty percent? By the way, how do you know these shoes? Are they still bad, or are there “good” shoes? Dan and I talked about all this.

And yes, middle-aged people met in their microphones again, so of course we remember the heroic times of the beginning of the internet, insulted their conditions and tried to think out where the world was going. Also, what is the meaning of life, although we did not solve it as usual.

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Daniel Dočekal, who founded one of the first Czech news servers called Svět Namodro in the 1990s and is known by many as Medvídek Pooh, now primarily makes a living as a corporate consultant on how to use social media. . You can hire him, I had him as a guest on the podcast.

In the end, you will learn something important: yes, despite what we are experiencing and what is happening in the world of technology, Daniel Dočekal still considers the techno-optimistic.

Have fun. Thanks for listening.

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