“I had corona before it was known that it played in the Netherlands” – Wel.nl

Linda de Mol was infected with the corona virus at a very early stage. She says that in ‘De Coen en Sander Show’ on Radio 538. She had serious complaints.

“I’ve had it and very early. Quite a lot, ”Linda says in the radio broadcast. “It was only before it was known that it played in the Netherlands. I thought it was normal flu, but it was whole heavy.”

She even had to quit her job because she was sick. “I really couldn’t stand on my feet. And stuffy and no smell and no taste. I had all the symptoms, but I didn’t know at the time that it was corona. ”

In the spring she had herself tested and it turned out that she had antibodies in her blood. “So I assume that I have had it at a very early stage.”

Bron (nen): RTL News


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