"I have between 5 and 10 million and I fuck four times a week." Deia, News from Bizkaia


BILBAO The Athletic forward, Iñaki Williams, went last night to 'The Resistance' (Movistar +) and did not disappoint with his intervention.

As soon as the interview began, he gave the answer to the two classic questions of David Broncano, that of money and that of sex. "I'm going face. I'm from Bilbao, thrown forward. I have between five and ten million and I fuck four times a week, "acknowledged the footballer.

Williams also told the story of his parents. "My parents are Ghanaians, they made a long journey, they came to the border and they jumped over the fence of Melilla, where they met a great man who helped them to get to Bilbao, they met my godfather, who is a priest and because of him Iñaki "

During the interview there was also time to recognize that he is an assiduous to the 'Fortnite'.


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