Monday, 10 Dec 2018

“I have HIV, LOL” 27-year-old infected men intentionally with AIDS pathogen


A British barber who deliberately left several men with the AIDS virus infected, must go to prison for at least twelve years. He had his ten victims on one Dating App met – five of them were actually with him with the HIV at. The perpetrator, who was called by the men as a sociopath, took the verdict on Wednesday completely motionless.

According to the judge, the 27-year-old from Brighton is the first man in Britain to be deliberately detained Spread of HIV has been convicted.

27-year-old deliberately infected partners with HIV: hairdresser did not want to treat illness

Appraisers certified sadism among other things. To his sex partners, he pretended to be healthy. He wrote to a victim after the intercourse : “I have HIV. LOL. ”

The hairdresser had been diagnosed with the infection in 2015. He refused, however, any treatment and advice from his doctors. Eight of the men he met in Brighton, South England, two in one place in the northeast. He had fled there from the police. (AP)

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