August 23, 2019

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«I have seen a much warmer Queen, with more energy; I changed the idea I had »

German journalist Julia Melchior says she is not a monarchist, although she is very professionally linked to royalty. In its writing history documentaries are made and the one that premieres this Sunday, at 7:25 p.m., the German public television's ZDF channel, the one with the largest audience, is about Queen Letizia, who “is in fashion to criticize, but not always justifiably ». "Recording this documentary has been a privilege," Melchior, 44, tells this newspaper about 'By profession: Queen', which dedicates one of its chapters to the Spanish Crown, because “the monarchies have a historical and political dimension, but also a human side, with its lights and shadows ».

Why do you speak Spanish so well?

I wanted to learn the language for an affinity I have with Spain. One summer, when I was in college (I studied Business Administration and Management in Cologne) I went to learn Spanish at an academy in Madrid, to which I went again on other vacations. I also went to a bank to do an internship for three months. My first job was in a strategic business consultancy, and they sent me a year to Buenos Aires. That was the key to learning the language, a year in Argentina.

Many Spanish journalists have contacted you these days, but has any Spanish chain done so to buy the documentary?

Not yet, but from the channel they have told me that they are on the issue of international rights, because apparently there is interest now. I've been at the events for a year. All the media have seen me in them and they have not paid me much attention, and now, in a week, they have overwhelmed me and there has been a great interest in this documentary.

What does the documentary intend?

In the previous ones, the focus had always been on the institution or the head of state, and the queen had had a secondary role. For this, I have been in very solemn acts: Military Easter, National Holiday, State visits. The focus here is on her profession: What does a queen do in the 21st century, and how does a modern woman fit into that traditional role?

Julia Melchior

What is your opinion of Queen Letizia?

I had always seen her very formal in the role of consort, but in the last year, when I have followed her work more closely, I have seen a much warmer Queen, with more energy. I changed my idea of ​​her solemn and institutional acts.

How is your relationship with her?

Like that of any journalist who regularly follows her. It has been a very professional relationship. I am not a friend of the Queen or anything, but what she has done, when she has been able, in the smallest acts, is to come to greet us: 'How are you? How many days do you stay? Thank you for coming to Valladolid to cover this act. ' He greeted us because he knew perfectly well that we had come only for her from Germany, both to Madrid, to Rome, to Mozambique, to Geneva, to Valladolid, to Cáceres. I liked that a lot and it's not usual in queens. I had always seemed very professional and very courteous, but it was also very nice. I also wondered if Spanish colleagues treated me well.

But not only has Doña Letizia focused …

There are three documentaries about the new generation of queens. In Holland, Belgium and Spain there were in one year relay in the Head of State. In 2013 and 2014 the kings abdicated and the next generation succeeded them. The goal is to show these three modern queens, with a career and very different from those of the previous generation. It is not a very deep science, it is something that is open to any medium. I wonder why nobody has done it before. It is possible to accredit and do so, it is not prohibited. Some media complained: 'Why does a German have to make a documentary about the Queen?' And I think: 'Why didn't you do it?'

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