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“I haven’t received a water bill from Vivaqua since January”: Brussels inter-municipal company is experiencing failure, customers are afraid of their bills …

Brussels water company Vivaqua now has technical problems, which are delayed sending in invoices and the processing of requests. Many of us have pressed the Orange Alert button to let you know. The interlocutory spokesman assured that the teams are actively working to resolve their concerns.

“I no longer receive a water bill from Vivaqua”write Louis via our Orange Alert button. “I have problems with the Vivaqua interim company. I have not received a provisional monthly invoice since January.”told Leila for her part. “What’s happening at Vivaqua? In 2021, 3 invoices arrived but never the annual statement and moreover since August 2021, there has been a total silence. The consequence of all this is that one of the few points we will find ourselves and large sums of money repaid. ”worried Frank.

Many of us have pushed our Orange Alert button to report billing issues with Vivaqua, a water distribution company in Brussels. For several months, it seems that customers no longer receive an invoice by email or mail. “In 2021, we received a letter from Vivaqua saying that payments should be made quarterly and not annually as in the past. And since then, we have not received anything. The latest invoice came from August 26, 2021. “, explains Frank, a resident of Brussels. He lives in a large apartment building in the capital, and is worried that he will not have to pay bills anymore. “We are careful, but we know that we will have to pay everything at once. I have tried to contact Vivaqua several times by email and by phone, but we have never received a reply. We have received an automatic email saying that they overwhelmed. We wonder what’s going on “he said.

I found it good that it was quarterly, because it allowed them to spread their payments

In its building, most of the owners are affected by this delay in water bills. Frank deplores a lack of communication and explanation regarding any change. “I thought it was good that it was quarterly, because it allowed payments to spread out. The system was interesting, on the contrary I liked to pay that way rather than all at once. But now we’re worried to know how much we will have to pay because we have not received an annual statement or invoices for the first months of 2022 so it will be a large amount in my opinion … “

This technical problem is rather bad given the current situation. “We have to be careful with our spending. Now we have to think about what the priorities are. And for us, paying the charges is a priority, and there, we don’t see anything going on that worries us.”continued Frank.

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A new data management tool

Visit the Brussels Interministerial Company website, where we learn that these concerns follow the implementation of a new customer data management tool. “We are currently experiencing technical issues, involving delays in processing files and sending invoices. We are also receiving a large number of phone calls and emails, which increases the workload of Customer Service staff.”, can we read it there. Confirmed information with Vivaqua’s communications manager, Saar Vanderplaetsen: “We’ve been dealing with problems for some time. It means that in November 2021, we changed our customer management system. It’s a big IT operation. We switched to a new system.”he explains.

Following these changes, several errors were observed in the transfer of customer data. “We had to stop billing”, Saar Vanderplaetsen tells us. But since the beginning of the year, different bill categories have been “gradually restored”confirmed the spokesperson for Vivaqua.

We will test all possible scenarios.

However, one problem remains with the annual statement invoices. The concern concerns those who took their meter readings in 2022. “For those situations where consumption was recorded in 2022, detailed invoices have not yet been published. We are testing all possible scenarios and we hope to be able to gradually launch sending invoices soon.”, assured Saar Vanderplaetsen, who hopes that the problem will be solved in a few weeks. Be careful though, once this operation is over “back on the road”, invoices may take a few weeks to reach their destination. Care must be taken to avoid overloading the system again. “It won’t be done in a day. It must be sent gradually.”he said.

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Payment installation and no reminder fee

The spokesperson for the municipal company always wants to reassure customers: “All such delays are attributed to Vivaqua. There will be no reminder fees applied. It is our responsibility.” It specifies everything “payment installation” can be put in place for people who are struggling to pay multiple bills that will happen at the same time.

And to boost customer service – completely overwhelmed by demand and calls – new people have joined the call center team since early May. “You have to train them too, it takes time. But 7 people joined the service at the beginning of May, 2 joined the team recently and in all, 10 will be given reinforcements during the critical period”developed Saar Vanderplaetsen, who recalled that the staff also had to adapt to the new management tool.

The arrival of this new system – more modern and more flexible – should make it possible to offer “best customer service” to be able to respond even faster to various requests. Thanks to it, the bills have also adopted a new look and now have more useful information for customers. And for those who have not received more invoices for several months, the spokesperson is invited to contact customer service so that they can regularize their situation.

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