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“I hope they never do it again”

Local police in the Carma area on Saturday arrested two people suspected of being involved in the assault on Wiel Baens, a homeless man, in Kinrooi, the Limburg prosecutor’s office announced. The press magistrate specified that the facts, images of which are circulating, still had to be the subject of a thorough investigation.

The septuagenarian was sleeping in a chapel in Kinrooi when the duo woke him up around 7 a.m. The suspects asked him if he needed the money, he replied in the negative. The suspects walked away and returned quickly, so they threatened the man and demanded money. He was then beaten up. The two attackers ended up fleeing in an undetermined direction, and the victim managed to find help at a local bookstore.

The man, who had been taken to hospital for treatment, has already been released. “I hope they never do it again, but I’m not angry,” Wiel Baens told our colleagues at HBvL. “I only have pain in my face. Nothing more, ”he added.


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