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‘I just read that I’m cheating’ – Wel.nl

Chantal Janzen’s wife also had to believe that. He was seen in sports in a hotel and had to so copy, one juice channel said.

Chantal writes about this with wit in &C. She received a text from her husband that she read that he had copied.

“I texted back: ‘John, with who?’ He replied: ‘Well, I don’t know, but I know where I seem to do it.’ I called him in the middle of rehearsals, “Who said you’re cheating?” “So a channel.” Ah, so a channel jus Dirty talk Well described well Because dirty, it often is Now it’s for us, regarding messages that about my husband

He was always bullied here and there. Friends take selfies in the hotel in question where he would do ‘it’. It turned out to be a youth hostel to be with only bunk beds. “Very creative,” I said, praising his skills. Well, we just laughed about it, but we didn’t think it was exactly a thigh beat.”

Media scientist Linda German on channel ji: “Stars are attractive because they are both similar to us and far from us. The biggest celebrities were special, but they remained ordinary. Thanks to social media, we feel close to our stars they are more than ever. before they stop and know them. On Instagram, their stories appear among those of friends and family. This feeling of being close but far away makes celebrities ideal for gossiping. We discuss life other people to have an idea about what we do. and they must not do, put, get. Gossip about stars is safer than about your friends. The latter always comes out and causes misery. But thanks to the nature of culture celebrity, we sometimes forget that behind the persona is an actual person. With a real life and real emotions, and who gets what they say about him.”

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