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I miss hard work, Pešán bothers. Simple hockey is not the way to go Hokej.cz

Photo: Markéta Křížová

(RIGA, from our rapporteur) Two matches, two defeats and nine goals collected. In Saturday’s match with Switzerland, the Czech national team led by Filip Pešán fell behind in all respects and caught a five-goal allotment from the country of the Helvetic Cross in the second match of the tournament. Czechs do not remember such an entry into the championship in an independent history…

National team fan

After Friday’s defeat with Russia, you said you would be much better a day later. Isn’t a big loss to Switzerland an unpleasant surprise for you?
We were better than Friday with Russia. We had more movement and we lived more in that match. We were not so addicted, but it was not enough for the opponent. It’s not enough. The team definitely has more to do, so I didn’t even talk to the team after the match. Those things have been said several times and it’s up to the team to wake up. We will help with that by changing the line-up, we will also help with some calm debate. However, the team has to pour itself clean wine and enter the next match much better.

The Swiss punished you mercilessly in powerlifting…
Seven two-minute penalties, the vast majority of them completely useless, not solving anything… Four of them collected goals. There is nothing to add to that.

Pesan also takes the blame. Why are they looking for overalls?

You wanted to give the team an impetus by changing the composition of the formations, but that missed the point. Do you agree?
It didn’t help, then the boys might have been too overmotivated. I saw that they wanted to, but unfortunately the match was already going downhill for us at that moment. The more the boys tried, the less they reacted in different situations, and then fouled unnecessarily. And then it turned out the way it did.

The national team experienced the worst entry into the World Cup since the establishment of the independent Czech Republic. Will you have to sit down with the players and discuss the situation?
Both matches were very important to us. Now there is nothing to hide behind. We played with very good opponents, we had to be much angry with them than we could, and most importantly we had to get some points. Unfortunately, this did not happen and now it is up to us to do something about the fight in the group. We still have enough matches to stabilize and fight.

You’re talking about stabilization. So how do you think the team will need to calm down mentally and mentally?
At least you can rely on the boys, who were both on Friday and this time in our fourth formation. Our sovereignly best offensive formation Smejkal – Musil – Flek, and young Matěj Blümel played an excellent match. We tried a lineup, we tried to connect the boys from the NHL into pairs, into threes. Unfortunately… I miss hard work in every five. We’ll use exactly the guys I was talking about to add workers to each line and try to create new attacks. So far, we have not been able to fight in places where it hurts. Our second goal in the match was a demonstration that these guys are going into the goal, and it is no coincidence that both Kuba Flek and Jirka Smejkal, for example, scored goals.

“It simply came to our notice then. So far, it’s my fault – at the moment – and my nomination. “

If hard work is lacking, isn’t that a bit of a mistake on your part?
It is clearly my fault, too. So far, it is my fault – at the moment – and my nomination. However, I still believe that we have only two matches with tough opponents behind us. Maybe we tried simple combination hockey, which doesn’t hurt, and it’s clear that this is not the way to go. We have to go back to work, put on our overalls and I hope that will be the case in the next match. I’ll customize the report.

Today, Šimon Hrubec alternated two-thirds, with Roman Will taking the last twenty minutes. Do you already know how to deploy the goalkeeper?
It’s too soon after the match. We scored nine goals in two duels, which is not a good business card not only for the goalkeepers, but for our entire defense, even though we collected a lot of goals in the weakening just today. It will be the subject of debate among coaches.

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