I ran away from school because of Muhammad Ramadan

Son of the artist admittedMostafa AmarTiam, during their hosting of the “With You” program, the presentation of the media, Mona El-Shazly, about something that he had not told him before, saying: I once married a teacher and went to the movie “Wahid Saidi” starring Muhammad Ramadan at the time of high school. To answer his father, saying: “I told you why I used to bring him in general, Muhammad Ramadan, my friend, talk to him, and I would watch with him.”
Thiam said that when he visited the College of Engineering and saw that the students were too tired to study, he decided not to enroll in it, while Mustafa himself revealed that he did not like to study.
On the other hand, Mustafa revealed the reason for choosing the name “Tiam” to his son, saying: I was called Tiam by this name, because all the people who called him were confused by him so that he would prefer to be called Ali for his longevity, but I wanted from the beginning I wanted to call him Tamim or Moutayem, and Leah had a friend who told me The name of one who bought pizza was named Tiam, so I liked it and I called it that name


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