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I really understand the way the Board of Directors nyuri


President Director of PT Asabri (Persero) Wahyu Suparyono promised to supervise all company management who intend to undermine the finances. If caught, they will immediately be proposed to be dismissed.

Wahyu admitted that his experience working at BPKP made him understand the signs of company management wanting to commit corruption. He also admitted that he had often encountered acts of corruption from management when he was the Managing Director of PT Dok and Perkapalan Kodja Bahari (DKB).

“This is a matter of the heart, sir. I am full, sir, to see how the directors of corruption, whether in the DKB Tuesday (25/1/2022).

“When I enter, I have to ask, I want to be the president director or auditor, if it’s an auditor? caught all. This is the time at DKB for example, only at that time I wanted to make a presentation at DKB, I was called by the Minister of Defense and Pak Erick, that you clean up Asabri,” he added.

Wahyu admitted that he was surprised after entering the Asabri. He even called Asabri a den of corruption. He was not afraid even though he served as the first president director from the civilian circle

“Wow, that’s a nest, sir, 10 main directors, I’m the first civilian. People are confused, how come they dare, it’s okay, it’s a matter of the heart, sir, managing SOEs,” he said.

Wahyu also claims that he can read a lot of tactics from people who want to commit corruption in BUMN. He got this because of his experience in the accounting world.

“I have been in accounting for 30 years, sir, so I understand that very well, until the help of the board of directors I understand, from helping credit cards, ouch, sir, memorized, sir. I have to say that this country can still be improved,” he said.


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