“I said no to Ducati and Dall’Igna”

Jorge Lorenzo confirms that he will not return to the track with Ducati in the 2021 MotoGP season. After a well underway negotiation, he preferred to give up.

15 September 2020 – 14:27

Jorge Lorenzo will not return “full time” to MotoGP e this had been clear for some time. But to refuse the signing of the contract is the Majorcan himself, who prefers to devote himself to a more carefree life, of relaxation, fun, business, investments. He has amassed a large budget and a circle of friends and professionals to be able to afford a fairly comfortable life.

Yet during the lockdown the agreement between the five-time champion and Ducati was one step away from understanding. “It was a very real possibility, which was about to materialize“, Admitted the Majorcan in an interview with Motorsport.com. It all started with a phone call from Gigi Dall’Igna to Jorge on the occasion of his birthday (May 4), where personal and professional issues were discussed. “Shortly after, Michele Pirro sent me a half-joking, half-serious message asking me if I wanted to return to Ducati. Between Gigi’s call and Michele’s message I saw that there was some interest from Ducati and I started to consider the idea of ​​competing again.“.

The turnaround of the Majorcan

Negotiations have begun, a sort of pre-contract that binds the two parties for a short time. But when deciding Jorge Lorenzo preferred to give up. “I was sorry to say no to Gigi, because I made him look bad with the factory – He admitted -. Had it been clearer, we would not have started negotiations. The truth is that I will always be grateful for the trust shown, but in that moment I felt that I should only think about myself.“. The chances of a return to MotoGP racing are fading, but he hopes to keep his commitment as a test rider with Yamaha.

A week ago Valentino Rossi and Fabio Quartararo they complained to the Iwata house for his lack of commitment on the M1. Jorge Lorenzo blames the Coronavirus emergency for the lack of tests. Now some other brand has approached him to have him as a test driver. It’s up to Yamaha to convince its former champion to stay.

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